April 23

System Design and Implementation Generates 14 X Return on Investment


This customer is a global inspection and verification company that provides predictive maintenance lab analysis. They needed an updated website portal and smartphone application in order to retain and win new business. The company’s old web application was dated and only worked on old browsers. This was costing the company as they lost customers and struggled to win new ones with what was deemed a poor offering in the marketplace.

Our consultants completed full business analysis and design of a replacement system that integrated with the legacy database. A prototype was designed and user stories were created to capture the detailed requirements for the system. Our consultant then worked alongside the development team and testing team to build and verify the system.

The new system comprising web application and smartphone application has enhanced customer perception of the company and led to business growth. New contracts valued at in excess of 14 times the cost of investment in the new system have been won with more in the sales pipeline. Sales include blue chip customers in the oil and gas industry.

Further enhancements are ongoing including the implementation of Power BI reporting built to the requirements identified by BBR consultants.


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