May 5

Pottery Studio Increases Turnover by 11% in 6 Months and Drives Ongoing Efficiencies


We were contacted by the owner of an established pottery painting studio, he had purchased the business and was keen to develop it further and increase turnover. As part of our BBR Momentum Program we were able to analyse his business and put in place recommendations for increasing revenue and reducing costs. Part of this included  a ERP system implementation of Odoo and other system and marketing enhancements.

Six months on, after working with us, he gave us the following feedback. “The systems and support provided by Better Business Results were instrumental in delivering our Digital Transformation project, to replace our manual systems with an electronic Point of Sale system, new website, and stock control software. We now have much better control over our stock, a better understanding of our customers, and more efficient systems and processes. We now have the foundation in place to enable us to further improve our marketing, stock control and customer service processes.”

  • Reduction in average stock holding of 14%, providing an ongoing cost saving
  • Increase in turnover due to better understanding of popular products, particularly in our party range, contributing to an 11% increase in turnover for the period October 2018 – March 2019 compared with the previous period.
  • Reduced waiting times and improved customer satisfaction for customers when they come to collect their pottery. Now we can find it in seconds rather than having to manually search for it as we did before. This saves us around 80 hours per year.
  • Reduced storage requirements due to prompt collection by customers. Some customers have collected their pottery within a few minutes of receiving their text message to say it’s ready to collect. Previously we had to ask customers to wait at least a week before collecting. This has reduced our storage space needed for completed customer pottery at peak times by about 10%.
  • Reduction in the manual admin burden of handwriting receipts for every customer sale
  • Reduced pricing errors as all prices are available on screen rather than staff having to remember them.

So that is a summary of how we helped a Pottery Studio Increases Turnover and reduce costs.

If you own an established business and  are looking for a fresh pair of eyes to review your it and make suggestions for improvement then you need to look at our Momentum Program.


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