April 27

Plumber sees massive income growth with new focus

Sometimes our clients are so close to their own day to day routine that they can’t see the wood for the trees. This was the case when one of our clients, a plumber by trade, came to us looking for help growing his business. He was running around like a lunatic from one plumbing job to the next, always busy but still feeling like he was chasing his tail.

He certainly wasn’t making the money that he had hoped to be making, and with plans to start a family he needed a way to generate income growth and bring in more money and spend less time on the tools himself.

We brought him through our BBR Clarity program and that really helped him to focus and set a new direction for his business.

It turned out that part of the work he was doing, amongst all the other call out jobs, was installing and fitting out bathrooms. When we analysed the figures it turned out that he made much more profit from this work than he did from anything else.

Also this work wasn’t all plumbing, in fact a large proportion was tiling work, that could be done by a dedicated tiler.

Fast forward a couple of years and this client, having also completed our BBR Kick Start program is now running 3 different bathroom renovation crews. He no longer promotes himself as a plumber, but rather as the owner of a high end bathroom remodeling business. His business is typically booked up 3 – 4 months in advance and he’s doing 6-10 high end bathroom renovation jobs per month. How is that for income growth?

This business growth has allowed him to focus on providing fantastic customer service and attention to detail on all the jobs his team do.

His business is now turning over in excess of 10 times what it did before.


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