April 24

Software company increases sales by 500% by automating sales process online


Let’s say you own a software company. You know the type, one that produces specific software for a certain industry. Lets say your software company sells this software for €5,000. To generate sales you hold monthly seminars informing people on the benefits of your software. On average you spend €2000 a month sending direct mail and telemarketing looking for potential customers to attend your seminar. You then have to book a meeting room, remind people to attend and deliver the seminar. Each time you hold a seminar you get 12 attendees, and from these you typically make 3 sales, a 20% conversion rate.

But, consider this: What if you could take the same content and seminar and convert it to an online campaign that drives prospects to an evergreen webinar. Now because it is easier to attend and flexible when to attend instead of getting 12 attendees a month you can scale it up to 150 per month. From that you close the say 10%, or about 15 new customers per month. As the owner of that company would you be excited about that? €75,000 revenue instead of €15000? In other words an increase of 500%.

Well let me tell you this happened in real life. The software company I’ve been using as an example is a real company from Galway . When our consultant worked with the company using our Kick Start program and changed the sales process; we leveraged the €2000 they were already spending into 15 customers instead of 3 per month. It translated into a 500% sales increase in less than 60 days.


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