March 24

Startup Alternative Health Practitioner Off To Flying Start


One of our clients, Sue, wanted to start an alternative health business but wasn’t sure how to go about finding leads and converting them into paying customers…

As part of our Kick Start program we worked with Sue to create a Search Engine pay per click campaign driving traffic to a specially created web page that we set up for her. This page offered a Free Booklet on Stress Management that prospects could download in exchange for submitting their contact details.

We wrote a series of follow up emails offering further information and offering complementary session, these emails were then sent out to each prospect every week for 2 months.

In addition we created a sequence of 12 postcards that we automatically send out on Sues behalf to every prospect on her list each month.

These methods alone have given Sue a thriving business in less than 6 months. She is free to concentrate on what she does best, providing alternative health therapies, while we keep her Marketing running like clockwork giving her a steady supply of new business.

In fact Sue is so happy with what we have done for her in lead generation and conversion that we are currently setting up a customer retention system for her. This will include us creating and mailing a newsletter to each of her clients every month.


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