​How To Prevent Feast And Famine ​In Your Business With An Automated Sales System

Tired of ​Being Good at What You Do But Never Having Enough Clients?

  • ​Do you have ​a predictable way to get customers in your business?
  • ​Are you fed up of doing networking and cold calling to generate business?
  • ​​Perhaps you've tried building a website and maybe even run some ads on Facebook and Google but results have been minimal?

Hi, I'm ​Matt. ​I'm the owner of Better Business Results and I've spent over 15 years helping my clients generate sales with effective online marketing systems.

​I ​Remember That ​Feeling of Dread So ​Well​..

...it used to creep up over me on a Wednesday afternoon and into the evening. You see I was part of a business networking group that met every Thursday.

Each week we would go around the table and say a small piece about our business to try and make ourselves memorable for the 25 other business owners in the room. Who, like me, were more worried about what they were going to say when it came to their turn than listen to me.

That wasn't the worse part.

That came later when we would all need to write out referrals onto little slips of paper to pass among each other. I remember trying to come up with something to give to other group members, whilst at the same time hoping for a juicy referral for myself.

​This was back in 2012 ​When I'd left my secure corporate job and was trying to make a go of it as a marketing consultant. I had a few clients under my belt, and was getting results for them, but still felt awkward generating new business for myself. At that time I didn't have a predicable way of getting new clients into my business.

​It all felt so yucky and false and in reality it meant that not only was I needing to drum up business for myself but I now also needed to be trying to find new business for the other group members. Talk about adding to the stress!

After a few months of this I realised that it wasn't ​working, ​I needed to find a better way.

​Albert Einstein ​​Said, "The ​Definition of ​Insanity is ​Doing the Same Thing Over and ​Over ​Again, but ​Expecting ​Different ​Results."

I started studying and reverse engineering as many sales processes as I could f​rom a variety of different consultants. I bought courses and joined masterminds. I was a man on a mission.

I tried blog posting and creating content.

I tried reaching out to people on LinkedIn.

I tried a whole heap of different strategies that so called Gurus recommended.

But everything ​that I tried ended up failing miserably, some things worked a little bit, only to stop working a few months later.

At the same time I had this little voice in my head taunting me, saying "what are you doing, you could be making more money back in the corporate world, why are you wasting your time doing this?"

​Then I received an email that made my mind up for me...

​Sometimes You Have to Go Backwards to Move Forwards

​The email I received was offering me to return to IT ​work on a contract basis for about €90,000 per year.

At that time my marketing business was paying me about €50,000 per year.

I made the decision there and then to go back to the corporate IT world.

​So I hired an employee ​and the business ticked over without me working in it day to day.

​Stepping Back Gave Me a ​Clearer Perspective

​N​o longer working in the business everyday, and ​not relying on ​it for ​my income was liberating.

​Working back in IT and a highly systemised environment exposed me to some new concepts and ideas that ​turned out to be ​the missing pieces to the jigsaw.

​I began to see the parallels between the IT systems I was designing and building ​and the marketing problem I had experienced in my business.

​I realised that I needed to build a marketing system  - ​something that would predictably bring in new business like clockwork.

​Through some trial and error I was able to ​adapt some of the processes from the IT world and transition them over into my marketing business.

​The Elements Needed For An Effective Marketing System

​In order to be effective I identified that a marketing sytem needs to be able to cover these 3 main elements:

​Capture attention by ​sharing a message with the right people that need it.

​​​​Have a system to present an understanding of the problem and desired outcome.

​Provide a mechanism to convert those that want ​the outcome ​so they can get the solution.

​Let the System Do The Heavy Lifting

  • Create ​once and have it work for you. 
    ​Developing a system takes a lot of upfront work, but once you have created and dialed it in then you can let it run while you do other things.
  • ​Use the data to drive decisions.​ ​When each step in the system can be clearly identified, it makes it much easier to measure how ​that step is performing. This means you can know exactly what needs to be improved without guessing.
  • ​Improve your business and quality of life. ​Having a reliable system in place to bring you new business is truly liberating. With clients on tap you can become much fussier about who you work with. This will lead you to get your clients better results, and make things much easier for you.

​​Proving ​What We ​Have Learnt Across Multiple Businesses

​Having cracked the code and learnt how to build client getting systems. I then set about proving the methodology. Our team at BBR started to implement these systems for our clients and we ​saw ​great results for ​them.

In 2015 I set up another business, a digital fabrication and learning studio ​called ​TechCreate​. ​I was able to apply what I had learnt to implement marketing systems to quickly grow this business. ​

​What Does All of This Mean for Your Business?

​Now in 2020 we have further enhanced our ability to build automated sales systems, and we continue to learn and evolve them as technology changes.

We now offer all of our know how to you as part of a done for you program - BBR Kick Start. ​We build out marketing systems for your business.

​I have ​DISTILLED ​all of this down into the 

BBR Kick Start Program

​When I look back now at all those months of trying to put a marketing system in place I am actually grateful for the experience. It has not only helped me to build ​two successful businesses of my own but also to realise that marketing is essentially a maths problem more than anything.

​Now we are ready to work with you. If your business meets the following criteria then we'd welcome the opportunity to discuss how we might be able to help you.

  1. 1
    ​Medium to High Priced product or service: ​building an automated marketing system does cost money and requires ongoing investment. You need to be selling a prod​​uct or service that has enough margin in it to make it viable. Services like bathroom renovation, accountancy, coaching and consultancy are all a good fit. Haircuts or lower priced consumer products are not going to work.
  2. 2
    ​Products and services that provide a clear outcome: We focus on prod​ucts and services that provide a clear benefit for the customer. These will have a much greater level of success than trying to sell something nobody wants.
  3. 3
    ​Prepared to test and iterate: ​whilst we have experience of setting up automated marketing systems each business and market will have its differences. For best results we know we need to test and tweak before we get everything working smoothly.

What People Are Saying About ​BBR Kick Start

“​Checking my email and seeing the new leads waiting is an amazing feeling.”

"​In the past we would have run newspaper ads and attended networking meetings to get new clients. It worked for us to a certain extent but it was a slow process, and wasn't predictable. Now having worked with BBR we have a system in place that routinely brings in 15-20 new customers per month. Checking my email and seeing the new leads waiting is an amazing feeling."

​Niall O'Sullivan
- ​Accountancy Services

“I now feel in control, and I got my life back"

“​I was struggling ​to get enough customers for my interior design consultancy. I ended up working with anyone that got in touch even though many weren't my ideal clients.  I felt that I couldn't be choosy as I didn't know where my next client was coming from. I spent a lot of money advertising in glossy magazines which brought in very little new projects. ​A business contact recommended BBR and after completing their Kick Start program I now have a proven system for getting new business.​ This means I can be a lot fussier about who I work with. I now feel much more in control of my business and I feel like I have got my life back."

Samantha ​Wo​lson
- ​Wo​lson Interiors

​Find Out If Your Business is a Fit

​As you can imagine we are quite selective about who we work with. If you would like us to consider your business then please click the button below and fill out the form to apply.

​Some ​More ​Happy Clients

“​I'm now booked up from 3-6 months in advance"

“​When I first contacted BBR back in 2013 I was ​working as a plumber, doing a variety of different plumbing jobs. BBR helped me to focus on Bathroom Renovation and then developed systems which generate a steady flow of new business each month. ​I now have multiple bathroom installation teams and we are booked up from 3-6 months in advance. ​A lot of that is due to the work done by BBR and we continue to work with them.

​Nigel Cresswell
- ​Bespoke Bathrooms

“​I'm averaging €25,000 per month sales..."

“I used to consider myself as a general life coach and had to take a part time job in order to supplement my coaching income. Working with BBR helped me to get much clearer on what the specific outcome is I can actually provide to people. I'm now focused on coaching ​women who have been in abusive relationships. ​I now have a proper system in place to get new customers. I'm now averaging €25,000 per month in sales, helping my clients getting great outcomes."

​Kelly Wilding
- ​Kelly Wilding Coaching
​Matt Eve

Creator of ​BBR Kick Start

About the Author

Matt is the founder of Better Business Results and has developed the BBR ​Kick Start program. It is based on Matt's own experience starting businesses and ​from working with a variety of clients.

Matt started his first business, an online ​stationery retailer​, in 1999 and since then he has started 3 other businesses.

In 2011 Matt wrote and published the "The Essential Guide to Small Business Online Marketing".

As well as working with small businesses ​one of Matt's companies provides IT consulting services to large corporations including HP and SGS. Matt has over 15 years experience designing and managing the build of complex IT systems.

It's Time to ​Take Control of Your Business and Generate Predictable Sales

​So you are probably wondering if this will work for your business.

Quite simply we don't know yet.

We have a process in place to learn more about you and your business, and how you currently get sales.

By getting in touch we can review your application and if suitable arrange for a phone call to learn more about your business.

​Once we have gathered all the information, if we deem it to be a good fit for both of us, then we will offer you a place on our kickstart program.

​Keep Doing What You Are Doing But Don't Expect to Change

​Of course you can decide not to get in touch, and keep doing what you are doing today.

You can try and figure it out on your own.

It's a long road, filled with frustration believe me ​I've been there.

If you'd like to explore an alternative, and short cut the learning process then I encourage you to apply to the BBR kick start program today.

Advantages vs Disadvantages

​As with all things there are pros and cons. Here are how things could be different for you by embarking on BBR Kickstart as opposed to going it alone.

​With BBR Kickstart

  • ​Access to over ​7 years experience of implementing automated sales systems.
  • ​A proven methodology that brings results time and time again.
  • ​Implementation done for you so no technical skills required.
  • ​Say goodbye to relying on customers to refer you and word or mouth.
  • ​Save tonnes of time marketing your business and work with the best quality clients 

​Without BBR Kickstart

  • ​Try and duct tape together your own system based on snippets of information on the internet
  • ​Guess every step along the way and not know where you've gone wrong
  • ​Try and teach yourself the tech skills needed or rely on freelancers to piecemeal together a solution
  • ​Spend weeks, months or years missing out on sales while your competitors race past you and steal your lunch
  • ​Work with anybody and everybody who offers to pay you whether they are a fit or not

Here's What You Get​ with BBR Kickstart

  • ​We get crystal clear on who your ideal client is and what you can do for them
  • ​We design an automated sales system for you
  • ​Our creative team create all the marketing pieces for you
  • ​​Our tech team build out the system for you
  • ​We drive ​your ​ideal prospects to your sales system
  • ​Clients purchase your products or services :-)