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Website Visitors Viewing From a Mobile Or Desktop? Here’s How You Find Out!

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In 2013, one in four searches online were conducted on a mobile phone. That’s a number that is only increasing as more and more people make the move to smartphones.

Making sure your website is working well across mobile devices is absolutely crucial and even more so if you are a local business.

40% of all mobile searches performed on Google are searches for local things. So if you are a local business, it’s important that you give your customers a great mobile experience.

For SEO tips for local businesses check out this article.

It’s very easy to find out whether the majority of people who visit your website are on mobile or on desktop. It’s also simple to see how happy they are with your mobile site by checking out what is known as the ‘bounce-rate’.

Both of these things can be found in your Google Analytics account.

Here is how you find them:

Step One:

Log in to your Google Analytics Account

Step Two

Choose a website view (want to know how to make sure you are not tracking your own page views? Find out how here.)

Step Three

Click on the “Audience” option in the left hand sidebar to open your audience menu

Audience Overview   Google Analytics

Step Four

Select “Mobile” then click on “Overview”

Audience Overview  2  Google Analytics

Step Five

This will show you how many of your website visitors were on mobile, how many were on desktop and how many were on a tablet. It will also give you the percentage of those visitors who bounced. 

If you have a high percentage of website visitors visiting you on a mobile, but a high bounce rate, then your mobile experience simply isn’t cutting it.

You have unearthed an exciting opportunity to make more sales by making some changes to your mobile site.

Overview 4   Google Analytics

Here are some tips for a better mobile experience:

  • Take a good, honest look at your mobile site on your own smartphone. Make a note of any things you find frustrating and endeavour to have them simplified – chances are your customers will find these frustrating too.
  • Does it take lots of steps to achieve a task? Try to limit the amount of steps it takes and get rid of anything that it causing complications.
  • Look at your analytics data and see what sections are being used the most. Generally it will just be 20% of your website. Focus on this 20% making sure sure it is as easy to use as possible.
  • People browsing on their mobile are generally in a rush, so all aspects should be geared towards making it simple to identify their task and then complete it. Nothing surplus should be added.
  • Finally, the golden overriding rule is quite simple – keep it simple.

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