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Video: Online Marketing Terms Explained – IN LESS THAN TWO MINS

In our latest video, Caitriona gives you a simple introduction to the most common online marketing terms.

Prefer to read? Take a look at our transcript below:

Hi I’m Caitriona from Better Business Results and here are the most common online marketing terms explained in simple language, in less than two mins.

Ok first up is S.E.O. S.E.O stands for search engine optimisation. Which basically means; getting to page one of Google and who doesn’t want that? S.E.O aims to get you to the organic search listings (which are these ones here) as opposed to the paid search listings  which are these ones here. But don’t be fooled! S.E.O is not simple or quick. Be prepared to invest time and money to get that coveted top spot.

The next term is Google Adwords. Google Adwords refers to getting your business here and here and it’s often called pay per click because basically you pay when some one clicks your ad.

Ok so content marketing. Content marketing is a form of non linear advertising. With content marketing you create valuable, free content that attracts customers and gets them to know like and trust you before making a sale.

Here’s some examples. This Sharpie blog has craft idea’s and tutorials for D.I.Y projects you can do with Sharpie pens. Air B n B create comprehensive city guides like this one to get their readers fired up to take a holiday.

Finally, retargeting, sometimes called remarketing. Have you ever noticed that when you go on one website you start to see ads for that business on other websites that you visit? That in a nutshell is retargeting.  It’s a way of reminding your website visitors about you.  When you visit this website for example you get a cookie placed into you browser and that cookie tells the next and subsequent websites you visit to put their Ad into that advertising space (which is bid for).

So there you go, some common online marketing jargon explained, hopefully simply! Thanks for watching. Bye!



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