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Trend Watch – Personalised Marketing

personalised_marketingPersonalising your customer experience has become a key trend in marketing over the last two years with the expectation that it will continue to grow as a trend in 2015.

The internet is a noisy place with millions of pieces of information fighting for our attention. Many global brands have jumped on personalisation as a way to differentiate their offering to consumers.

Personalisation doesn’t simply mean using the person’s name to catch their attention. In todays data driven marketplace, we are seeing brands personalising their entire website based on what each particular visitor wants to see. 

We are also hearing a buzz about something called personalised pricing, brands like Apple, and Paypal are looking at ways or offering personalised pricing based on loyalty and location. This technology is called beacon technology and Apple, Paypal and most recently Samsung have all created their own offerings of this technology.

The aim in these cases is always to boost engagement and increase conversions by showing the consumer what they want to see – at the exact right time.

Here are Some Examples of Companies Currently Using Personalisation Successfully:

1. The Teenage Cancer Trust

The Teenage Cancer Trust are taking a different approach to personalisation by offering users a mobile website experience that shows them local news based on their location. The site will feature information about local events. They hope to offer an online information and advice platform to create local communities online where young people can talk to each other.

2. McDonalds 

McDonalds are launching a mass personalisation strategy in the coming months. They are working on a new app that will offer users personalised offers and coupons. The app features mobile only offers and gives the user the option to favourite certain foods so that they can get personalised coupons based on their favourites. The app has already been rolled out for testing in Australia and has seen great success.

They can also use real time data like the weather to promote different offers like a hot cup of coffee on a cold day or a cool ice-cream on a hot day.

3. Target

In America, shops like Target use the data they glean from online shopping and browsing to produce custom coupon books that they send to their customers based on what they are looking at.

You too can use personalised marketing in your own business. Sending your customers tailor made offers via text message is a great way to bring customers back in store and reward them for their loyalty.

We offer small businesses the opportunity to easily catch up with this trend in the form of the Citygro Kiosk.

This Kiosk is an iPad that allows customers to easily and quickly sign up for loyalty programmes and special offers using their mobile number. All their data is then stored in the system and you can offer them special promotions featuring the right goods at the right time.

Timing is everything. A discounted hair cut offered the day after you just got trimmed is spam, while the exact same offer extended right when you need a hair cut is good as gold.

Citygro offers a simple all in one solution for businesses who want to grow and stand out in their industry.

For more information on Citygro, check out this guide or call us on 01 4880985.

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