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5 Tips For Your Company LinkedIn Page

Business people discussing projectDo you have a LinkedIn Page? How about a LinkedIn for business page?

LinkedIn has over 3 Million companies registered with a business page and that number is growing daily.

Here are 5 tips to help you make the most out of your  your company LinkedIn page:

1. Optimise the Page

Just like on your website, your LinkedIn page should be easy to find if your prospects are punching in your specific keywords.

  • The easiest way to do this is to provide a helpful ‘company overview’. Put your most important points at the top and make sure it includes the words that you want to be found for.
  •  Use the ‘Short News’ feature. The feature will automatically post any news articles or press releases related to your company onto your company page.
  •  Add your blog posts to your company page and if you post regularly, add your RSS feed to your page. This will auto populate your page with your blogs latest content.

2. Post Regular Content

  • It’s a good idea to keep your brand profile up and post regular content onto your page, however you don’t want to clog up other people’s feeds with articles.  If you are conscious of treading on the toes of your followers and over posting then use the simple 4-1-1 rule: This rule was was created by Tippingpoint Labs and Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute. This rule was created for Twitter but is the perfect mantra to apply across all your social media.

“For every one self-serving tweet, you should retweet one relevant tweet and most importantly share four pieces of relevant content written by others.”  – Simple.

  • If you want your posts to reach a wider audience then you will have to pay to promote them. LinkedIn makes it very simple to do this just click ‘sponsor update’ button which is located underneath each post.

3. Check Your Stats

  • Its a good idea to regularly check your stats on each post.

If you are a company admin, you can easily see an overview of your stats under each of your posts. (See below example). This will give you an indication as to what kind of content goes down well with your readers.

  • It’s also a good idea to check the date and time of your most effective posts to see what times are best for engagement.

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 13.45.42

4. Follow Your Clients Pages

This may sound obvious but follow your current clients on LinkedIn. As well as keeping up to date with their marketing activities, you will also probably get a follow back from them. It’s a simple way to build followers.

5. Add Video

  • You-Tube is the second biggest search engine after Google. In 2013 alone, more than 52 billion videos were viewed online.
  • Video content is a great way to showcase your brand in an engaging way.
  • Your video content doesn’t have to be long. For example, you can create vine updates showcasing your sale offers or top sellers.
  • Another type of video that works well on LinkedIn is an interview, why not team up with a supplier or a client and shoot an interview video that benefits you both (see our online video portfolio). Then you can post this to both of your profiles.
  • You can also show footage of events you have had or attended. These are easy but engaging ways to show off your brand.

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