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Three Young Women Making Millions On YouTube and What You Can Learn From Them

When it comes to YouTube, a lot of businesses just don’t ‘get it’. They don’t want to give away free information, they don’t think they can reach their customers through it or they simply don’t know where to start.

Where existing businesses have frozen in a confused state of paralysis, some savvy entrepreneurs (know as ‘gurus’) on YouTube have been able to build impressive brands for themselves and make MILLIONS.

Young women in particular have carved out niches for themselves in areas that the heavy hitters in the lifestyle industry never even thought existed.

Let’s take a look at three of the top YouTube gurus and the lessons we can learn from them.

Michelle Phan 

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 11.32.27

The Backstory

Michelle Phan has over 7 million YouTube subscribers and over 300 videos. She began making make-up tutorial videos on YouTube in 2007. Since then she has grown herself an empire. In 2010 she became the official make-up artist and spokesperson for the luxury brand Lancome and in 2013 she released her own line of make-up with beauty giants L’Oreal. She now has an estimated worth of 1 million dollars.

See Her YouTube Channel Here

What can we learn from Michelle:

1. Pay Attention To Your Edit.

All Phan’s videos are carefully and beautifully edited. She pays particular attention to the voiceover and ensures the videos look fantastic. Everything is shot in HD with an emphasis on quality. 

2. Partner Up

Look into the possibility of publishing your videos on other websites. Phan gained 1 million new subscribers when two of her make-up tutorials were featured in a BuzzFeed article and went viral. 

3. Build It And They Will Come.

With over 300 videos, it took a lot of work for this guru to build her empire, but persistance paid off and now brands are approaching her desperate to gain some of her YouTube clout.

Cassey Ho

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 11.28.27

The Backstory

Cassey Ho is another six figure earner on YouTube. Originally a part time Pilates instructor, she wanted to provide the students she was leaving with an online fitness workout after she moved so she posted a video to YouTube. On the back of that video she received lots of requests for more videos. These videos have since led to a spin off clothing range, a DVD and now even a book in the pipeline. She even created her own brand of Pilates called ‘PopPilates’.

See Her YouTube Channel Here

What We can Learn from Cassey

1. Pay Attention to What People Want

Ho’s video’s are titled really well for her target market. She uses feedback on YouTube to find out what viewers want to see. She asks her viewers what music they want to hear in the next video and for feedback. This builds a great sense of community around her videos.

2. Give Things Away

Ho gives away free month long fitness and diet plans as an incentive to get new subscribers. She makes money from Advertising on YouTube and from her fitness range. Her channel is all about building a relationship with her viewer so they eventually buy into her brand – Content marketing 101.

3. Embrace New Technology.

Her Blogalities channel has an e-commerce feature that means you can buy her clothing range straight off the YouTube channel. She is also an avid users of instagram and uses the video feature to create short work out videos which get thousands of views. She is constantly trying and testing out new ways of generating income from the back of her YouTube Channel. 

Zoe Sugg –  AKA Zoella

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 11.32.56

The Backstory

Zoella posts videos and reviews of things she has bought. These are called ‘haul’ videos and they are a big thing on You-Tube (for example have you seen the amount of views these unboxing video’s get?). She has over 6 million subscribers and this year has launched a book called ‘Girl Online” that was so successful it broke the record for highest first-week book sales since records began.

See Her YouTube Channel Here 

What We Can Learn From Zoe

1. Personality Is Important

Sugg has a bubbly personality that comes across in her videos. Her viewers feel like they are watching a friend give recommendations as opposed to a business – this is crucial to her success. She also has a blog channel that documents her day to day life.

2. Think Outside The Box

Who would have known that 6 million people would be interested in a ‘haul’ video? Zoe knew because she had her finger on the pulse of what was gaining traction on YouTube. YouTube is a different animal to television – it’s curated directly by the viewer. So keep up with what is popular online and try out some different things.

3. Have Fun

Sugg’s videos are a bit of lighthearted, fun entertainment – People want to be entertained on YouTube. Think of ways you can bring a bit of fun to your videos and don’t take them too seriously. This is not meant to be a television ad for your services. As we have seen from all the examples above, the channels are always about giving the viewer what they want and then finding a way to make money once you have established an audience. It’s a different kind of sales funnel then traditional advertising.  Don’t be pushy with your message, instead focus on providing great content and the rest will fall into place.

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