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The Dublin Web Summit 2014 – Some Key Points for Digital Marketing


Last week, the superstars of Silicon Valley hopped across the pond to Dublin for a spot of techie networking, idea sharing, copious amounts of coffee and of course – to sample the infamous Dublin pubs (where the real networking happens apparently!).

The Dublin Web Summit 2014 flooded the city with 20,000 people from all over the world ready to learn form the best in the business.

There were a huge variety of speakers ranging from The VP of Engineering at Google to Eva Longoria of Desperate housewives fame. We grabbed ourselves a free coffee and parked up at the Marketing Summit to glean some tips from the experts. Here are some key takeaways.

Big Data

A massive thread running through the Web Summit this year was Big Data – All those important metrics that feed in to almost every aspect of digital. In the Marketing Summit, experts weighed in on the big question:

What do you do with all that data?

Here’s what they had to say:

  • Measure What Matters

It’s called big data for a reason –  there is an overwhelming amount  of information you could be looking at when it comes to your data – some of it useful, some of it is a drain on time.

You simply can’t spend on all channels, it’s not efficient. Audit your data and focus on the metrics that matter. Likes and re-tweets are a nice ego boost but depending on your business they may not be worth your focus. Don’t get sucked in by vanity metrics.

  • “The memorable never emerged from a formula.”  Ivan Perez-Amarendiz

At the end of the day Big Data can only achieve so much. Yes, focus on your data, but don’t be so laser focused on your data that you don’t take risks.

  • Data fuels creativity

In the talk ‘Turbocharging the Funnel’ Justin Cooke spoke about the need for ALL departments to focus on Data. Creatives, writers and management all need to be tuned in to data. Integrated data centres are the way forward.

  • Don’t forget your current customers 

David Steinberg and John Scully from Zeta Interactive reminded us that the old marketing adage still rings true – it’s cheaper to keep a current customer than acquire a new one.

All too often digital marketing is solely focused on bringing in new business and obsessed with that data. This is costly. Take a more balanced approach and shift some focus on ways to keep existing customers loyal and delighted.


  • “Brands need to become media companies to be great on social. They have to produce their own content” Jan Rezab – Social Bakers 

We all know that the internet has changed the nature of advertising. In your face, pushy tactics just don’t cut it online. You will simply push your users to another website.

It’s all about creating great content and compelling stories that your customers want to engage with.  Jimmy Maymann of the Huffington post reminded us that “content is not about being controversial it’s about being relevant and articulate.”

Utilising big data will help you figure out what your customers want to see. As always with anything digital, it’s important to test, test and test some more.


  • “Think about mobility, not mobile” – Stefan Bargeda – Zenith 

The last two years have been heralded as the year of mobile but it seems 2015 is the year of mobility.

Focusing on mobility means focusing on where your customers are as well as what device they are using and then tailoring that content to suit that situation.

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