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Four Benefits of Adding Video To Your Website

LecteurThey say a picture speaks a thousand words which makes a video, which has 24 pictures per second, quite the chatterbox.

Video is incredibly engaging. It’s a great way to get your business message across succinctly and quickly. If you work in an industry that is trust based, a video can be a great way to gain your potential customers trust. The internet is after all, quite an impersonal space.

If your products are a little more complicated, an instructional video is a great way to show the product in action while an animated video is a simple way to grab your prospects attention.

Here are four compelling reasons to add video to your online marketing mix.

1. Get On The Front Page of Google

Putting video on your website is a great way to boost your reach and get found easier on Google. Why? Well Google owns You-Tube so it stands to reason that they love video content. Video increases the chances that your website will be on the front page of Google by 53 times.

2. Highly Effective 

Video is cheap enough to make and it’s highly effective. Video promotions are six times more effective than direct mail.

3. Get Prospects Attention

Thanks to the internet we spend our time filtering through millions of words on a weekly basis. We tend to scan when we read online. You are probably scanning right now. But video (as long as it’s short and interesting) is a great way to get  a viewers attention. A whopping 60% of people watch video before they read text.

4. Reach A Broad Demographic

One of the great things about You-Tube is that it has such a huge age demographic. The average age of a You-Tube user is between 15 and 54. That’s extremely broad, making it a great space for most businesses.

You never know, you may even go viral! Like this little known winery called Mirabeau wine who created a 50 second video showing you how to open a bottle of their finest vino without a corkscrew. The video was picked up by news sites like the Mirror and the video has gained over 6million views. This is a great example of how small businesses can use video to grow their brand and expand their reach.

There is no predicting what will go viral but for businesses it’s often something incredibly useful and quick. The best thing about this company’s video is that before this video went viral they had been putting in the work with their You-Tube channel. When their video went viral, they were ready for all the extra clicks and the interest in their channel. To this day they are still making interesting videos.

If you would like to add video to your website, check out our online video portfolio for some of our video work.



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