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Your Short Guide To Getting Found On Google

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Whatever line of business you are in, if your website is hiding in the back pages of Google, you are missing a vital opportunity to grow your business. Here is a short guide to getting found on Google.

The first part of getting found is to take a good honest look at your current web presence.

First, Google your own business. Are you coming up first in the search results for your own business name? Make a note of your position.

Next Google the key words that people search for when looking for your business. For example this could be something like “Mechanic Kildare” Does your business show up in the results? If not, then who is ahead of you? Make a note of the websites who are beating you and take a look at them. Are they well designed? Do they give you all the information you would look for if you were searching for their services?

Now look at your own website in comparison. Does it stand up against your competitors? Look at it on your smartphone – how does it look? 

Be honest with yourself, what would you think if you were a customer looking at your website?

If your website isn’t up to standard and you want to grow your business online then it’s time to get a new website.

This new website has to work for your business and get you to number one on Google, so before you get it redesigned, make sure you are clear on how to go about getting it found.

Here are some key things to note:

1. Responsive design.

With the the huge numbers of people owning smartphones, it’s important that your website can be viewed (and looks great) on a smartphone. This is crucial. There are different ways you can do this, the main way is to use what’s known as responsive design. If you are updating your new website make sure that you make it responsive. This will give it a greater likelihood of being found on Google.

2. On-site Optimisation.

This means that your website has your keywords in all the right places so Google can easily read it and know what your business is about. It’s the first step to getting found so make sure your website designer includes this.

Note: We design websites and we include all these features as we have found them to be crucial to success.

3. Local listings

If your business is local, then there are some key things you can do to boost your ranking on Google very quickly.

Set up a Google my Business account and make sure you have Google places set up for your business. You can find out how to do this : here.

3. Pay for Adwords

Google Adwords will jump you to the top of the search results with ease. However, you will have to pay to be there. The costs depend on how competitive your business is. It is worth testing out for your business as it can be extremely effective and depending on your service you can see a huge ROI. We run Adwords tests at a very competitive rate so you can see if this is worth pursuing.

4. Get Social

Set up social media accounts for your business, this will help you to get found. Make sure you keep them updated regularly. Along with this, list your business on online directories – particularly local ones. There are also plenty of free places you can list your business for example, Yelp.

Reach out to publications in your industry and ask if you can write some articles about your industry. This is called guest posting and it builds back links that help to get your business found.

5. Content

Keep your website updated regularly. This is very important. Your website should not sit idle without any updates for more than a month.

A simple way to keep your website updated is by adding a blog. This works to help you get found in two ways. You write articles about what you are doing, business news – this shows that you are open for business and a successful company.

You also write articles that are keyword optimised. This means that the articles you write contain the keywords that you want your business to be found for. This in turn sends another signal to Google to show them what your website is about. Post these articles onto your social media channels to further boost their effect. 

6. Video

Putting video on your website is a great way to boost your chances of being found on Google. Google loves video and ranks websites that have video content higher. Video will also help to keep the customers who land on your website engaged and is an easy way to communicate your message.

For more tips on how to get found online, why not get in touch and arrange a consultation. You can contact us on 01 4880985.

Alternatively, if you prefere to do it yourself, then check out our book “The Essential Guide to Small Business Online Marketing” which is available to purchase on Amazon.

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