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Marketing Consulting

Do you already have an in house marketing team? Are you not getting the results you hoped for? As part of our Marketing Consulting service we will review your marketing and sales processes from the ground up and look at what you have done to date. We will then put together a detailed plan for your team to execute.

Our comprehensive 40 page marketing audit digs deep into your business and identifies areas which you may not have focused on in the past and which will provide the growth areas of the future.

Once the audit is complete we will put together a comprehensive Business Growth Blueprint which breaks down the opportunities within your business and details step by step what you need to do to take advantage of them.

Your Business Growth Blueprint won’t just about showing you how to get new Clients, sure that’s part of it, getting new clients is important – very important. But there are other, equally (if not more) important, and more cost effective ways to grow your business.

The 3 main areas that your Business Growth Blueprint will focus on:

  1. Increase the number of customers or clients you have
      • Get more leads
      • Get more referrals
      • Increase your conversion ratio
      • Generate more income from your existing customers or clients
    • Reduce clients leaving
  2. Get more from each sale
    • Sell more products/services
    • Increase the number of times clients buy from you
    • Extend the length of time clients stay with you
  3. Increase the efficiency of your business and your margins
      • Control or reduce costs and overheads
      • Increase staff’s knowledge and competence
      • Improve profit margins
      • Improve loyalty and teamwork
    • Improved time management

Over the last few years our marketing consulting has allowed us to perfect this system of analysing an existing business and implementing the correct techniques to maximise performance.

  • Review your current marketing in depth
  • Establish what is successful and what isn’t
  • Identify areas that can be improved
  • Suggest new strategies for you to implement