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Email Marketing

Email MarketingEmail marketing can be useful tool for keeping in touch with both your existing customers or prospective ones. Whatever business you run it is important that you maintain a list of leads and customers so that over time you can go back to them and let them know if you have something that may be of interest to them.

For example if you run an ecommerce store email marketing would mean that you can send coupons, special offers or updates on new products. For service businesses you can use email marketing to educate your customers and leads as to why you are the number one choice for them to do business with.

Email marketing encompasses more than merely designing a pretty email and getting it sent out. There are

Building the list

First of all you need an effective way to build an email list. As part of a lead generation campaign we can work with you to devise the best methods to build an email list. This might involve creating a white paper or other ‘lead magnet’ that can be given away in exchange for the users email address.

Timetabling communication

The next thing you need to do is work out how often you plan to communicate with your list. Will it be a monthly newsletter, or a weekly special offer? Or will you just send out seasonal email marketing promotions based on events in the calendar? We can help you determine an effective communication strategy.

Creating Content

Next you need to know what it is you plan to say to your list. Are you merely sending a special offer or do you need interesting content to send to them? Either our content creation team and copywriters can take care of this for you.

Email Design

Once you know what you are going to say and when, then we can put it all together for you. We will design an email template that matches your corporate identity and then we can use our email marketing platform to ensure the highest rates of deliverability.

Metrics and Reporting

Ok so you got the email out of the door, now what? Well you probably want to know how it has performed. We can provide full statistics on who opened each email, whether they clicked on any links or forwarded it on. With these metrics you are no longer flying blind but can see exactly what is working and what needs to be tweaked the next time.

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