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Direct Mail

In the rush to go online many people ignore direct mail and consider it expensive or ineffective. In reality as more and more marketing budgets are directed online this can mean the astute business owner can capitalise on direct mail while his competitors are not using it. Like most things it is how you implement it that makes the difference.

We have found that direct mail is most effective when you implement sequential campaigns that follow up with prospects over a period of time. We also have had good results using lumpy mailing campaigns, this is where you enclose some kind of attention grabber into the marketing piece to make it stand out from the rest of the recipients mail. Postcards can be another form of direct mail that can be used to introduce your business to new prospects and also let existing customers know about special promotions.

Direct mail can also be combined effectively with online media. For example you could send a postcard which had a personalised website link (PURL) which offered the recipient the option to download or access some specific content, or you could add a QR code to a mailing item to bring it to live with a web video. There are a whole lot of different possibilities with Direct mail, but like most marketing it needs to be considered as an overall part of your companies marketing strategy.

You can see some samples of direct mail that we have completed here.

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