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How To Increase Your Mobile Web Presence

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A comprehensive report by Morgan Stanley has predicted that Mobile will surpass desktop usage by 2015.

On a personal level, you may have felt this change yourself. How many times do you pick up your emails on your phone, or Google something when you’re on the go?

In Ireland in particular, we are serious mobile aficionados. 1.6million Irish people own a smartphone – that’s about one third of the entire population. 1million admit to checking their emails first thing in the morning.

As a business, a mobile strategy is ever more important. Here is how to increase your mobile web presence.

On Your Website

What comes up when your view your website on your phone? Take a look. Is it a shoddy version of your website? Or worse, nothing at all?

Time for an update.

Make sure your website can be accessed on mobile. There are two ways to do this.

  •  Build a separate mobile version of your site
  • Use Responsive web design

Google recently changed the way they rate which information appears on page one of Google. They want to provide a great search result for their growing number of searchers using mobile. Giving your website visitors a great mobile experience is essential.

In Your Emails

With so many people checking emails on their phones, it’s become essential that you are using a mobile friendly email template when sending out newsletters and promotions via email. Do a quick test by checking out your previous emails on your phone.

Another way you can capitalise on this growing mobile customer base it to look at your data. Create separate email groups for subscribers who have opted in for a mobile only newsletter. Then tailor your content to be more mobile friendly by:

  • Making the content shorter
  • Limiting the Headline – less than 60 characters.
  • Using vibrant images

Think Local

40% of all mobile searches performed on Google are searches for local things. This represents a great opportunity for those with a local presence to capitalise.

If you can show up number 1 in Google each time a user types in, ‘coffee shop in X’ think of how much custom you can get. Here are some ways to ensure you show up for local searches.

  • Add a map to your website
  • Run a locally targeted Google Adwords campaign
  • Get listed in local online directories 
  • List your business on Four Square and encourage users to check in.
  • If your business is a restaurant or service, encourage customers to leave positive reviews on Yelp  or popular forums. 
  • Optimise for local keywords – Include your town/ city in page titles and descriptions along with the services you offer. 

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