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21 Ways To Get Business From Your Website

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We round up 21 effective ways to get business from your website. Feel free to swipe and deploy. Or if you prefer, we can do them for you. Just get in touch using the contact details below.


Get Found With a Google Map Listing. A Google Map listing can get you straight to page one of Google. It’s simple to set up and it’s free. For a video ‘how to‘ Click here.


Have clear contact information on your website. Make sure this includes a phone number.


Add Google Analytics to your website so you can keep tabs on who is visiting your website and what pages they are visiting. If you already have Google Analytics set up, you might find this tutorial helpful – it shows you how to see which companies are viewing your website.


Your website has to work on mobile phones, tablets and computers. This is called a responsive website. Nowadays with mobile search rates skyrocketing, your website needs to be mobile friendly.


Have a good site title. Begin it with your business name. If you are a local business then include your town, city, country. Incorporate your most relevant search phrases into your site title. Make sure it’s easy to read. Make sure you use your keywords throughout your website.


Add image text. Search engines can’t read images so you have to make them readable. Add alt text to your images to ensure they are indexed.


Run Google Ads. Google Ads are a great way to get your business found instantly on Google. They catch your customer when they are actively searching out your services. When you run Google Ads you will need to be sure that the webpage you are directing them to is good enough to clinch the sale, which leads me to number  8:


Set up specific landing pages. Landing pages are website pages designed to tell your customer about your services and have a strong call of action to make a sale. For more about landing pages click here.


Your homepage should have a clear call to action. Depending on your industry that could be downloading a guide, requesting a quote or making a sale.


Include lots of helpful information. The problem with selling online is that your customers can’t ask you questions. Anticipate the questions they will ask and make sure to address their concerns and fears on your website.


Have a blog. A blog is great for SEO purposes AKA getting found. When writing your blog posts keep in mind what your customers will be searching for and include these keywords in the title, image, url and content.


Video. Google owns You-Tube so it stands to reason that video is a great SEO booster. Video also adds some personality to your site. Not everyone has time to read reams of text and video gives those people a chance to easily find out more about what you offer.


Some form of lead generation. Make sure to add some way to capture your prospects contact information. A great way to do this is to give something really useful away for free like a report or white paper. If you are in a very specific industry this is can be very effective.


Follow up. Follow your leads up with a sales funnel.


Send an email newsletter to your contacts to let them know about any special offers or news you have. Don’t be too over zealous with this. Aim for once a month.


Track your conversions. You can track any sales you make from Google Adwords using conversion tracking. This makes it easy to see how effective your campaigns are and if you need to tweak them.


Get Social. Social Media is not just for kids. Facebook is the second most visited website in the world. Having a Facebook page gives you access to Facebooks excellent, targeted advertising options where you can get some of the best value advertising around.


Set up a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is an excellent way of keeping in contact with and grow your connections. It’s free to set up a profile and very easy to use.


Set Up a LinkedIn Business Page. Did you know such a thing existed? If your business is B2B then LinkedIn for business offers a lucrative opportunity. It’s a great place to announce product launches and drop links from your blog. All your updates can also be promoted to reach a wider audience.


Be careful with your copy. Your website copy is incredibly important. Keep it professional but don’t forget to add some personality.


Images matter. Make sure you use professional photography. Getting a photographer to come in for half a day and take professional pictures of your staff and premises is money well spent. Image quality can make or break your user experience.

If you would like someone to do all of this and more for your business, contact us on 01 4880985. For more tips to help you grow your business online sign up to our newsletter below.

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