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How to Generate Paying Customers From Facebook Contests

Case Study

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The Razors Edge Tattoo studio needed to increase their brand awareness and make more sales. They had some fans on Facebook but the number had not been increasing and they were not seeing much post engagement.

They were not keeping in regular contact with their customers and did not have any database of customers to send promotions to.


The Razors Edge needed to increase their fans and engagement on Facebook rapidly and  with very little cost. They also needed a way to collect the contact information of local people interested in their services so that they could start building database and reaching out to them to increase revenue.

To do this we set up a Facebook competition to win a $180 gift voucher for their services. We then set up the competition using an app and promoted it to a target audience who fit their exact demographic using Facebook targeting.

We promoted the post for $37 and ran the competition over the course of 3 days.


In the space of just three days, the competition was entered a massive 4288 times. Likes to their Facebook page was up by over 200 new likes and most importantly we were able to get the name, email and phone number of 613 people to add to their database.

We then picked the winner and sent each of the 613 entries a mail thanking them for entering and giving them a voucher. This resulted in 27 new customers during the first week at an average sale of $102 each for total revenue of $2777.74.

Why It Works Everytime

This type of competition is perfect for any businesses owner who feels they are not getting enough out of Facebook. It’s very simple to set up and run and we have used this exact formula time and time again for a variety of different businesses and it always gives great results.

Key things to bear in mind for the best results are:

– Give something away that is unique to your business, this will ensure that the people who are entering your contest have an interest in what you offer.

– Use Facebook targeting to promote your post. The more specific you are with your targeting the more people are going to respond.

– Make use of all your new customer details by reaching out to them afterwards with a special offer or promotion.

We have produced a step by step guide which walks you through the exact steps we took to do this so you can do the same on your Facebook Page.

Click here to get your copy.

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