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Here Are Eleven Ways To Craft A Vibrant, Clickable Newsletter

Oh hello! Nice to see ya. Thanks for clicking on the link.

Getting a shoddy number of clicks on your newsletter? Had enough?

Investing a heap of precious time into crafting a newsletter that is never read is pointless. But email newsletters aren’t pointless.

Done right they can energise your brand, sell your products and communicate with your customers.

Here are eleven ways to craft a vibrant, clickable newsletter.

Ya ready?

1. The Power of One

Imagine you’re writing to your best friend. How would your email read? Chances are it would read like it was written by a human who cares, not a robot. That’s exactly how your email newsletter should read.

Nobody wants to read something that seems automated.

Using someones name can be extremely powerful. But don’t go crazy, dropping their name all over the place. Keep it real.

 2. Speed.

Use short sentences. We read quickly online. Your customers time is precious. You’re lucky they even opened the email. They will be scanning so don’t make it difficult. Use full stops more than commas. Write fast. It will get your unique personality across.

 3. Don’t jump the Gun

You have to earn your readers trust before you try to sell.

Help them out with problems and become a trusted source of information.

Tell them they can reply and you will get back to them. Make it clear that this is a two way street. You want to, and will, help.

 4. Turn the Tables

Don’t go for the hard sell. Focus on benefits.

How does your product help them avoid risks? Nobody likes taking risks. You’re not some smarmy crook trying to fleece them so don’t act like it. You’re lovely and you have a great product that helps.

5. Linky Link

Seize the opportunity to get valuable website traffic. Link your newsletter back to your website. It makes SEO sense. Give tantalising tasters that link to your blog posts. Use tried and tested headlines that are irresistibly clickable.

 6. Analyse 

Make easier sales by checking out your data. Google Analytics is great for this.

Where are the hot spots on your website? Where are people showing interest with a click, but not buying.

Use your blog to expand on the product and show it off in your newsletter. Or even better, highlight the product with a special offer.

7. Don’t Over Do it

Our inboxes are crowded places and now with Gmail tabs, it’s really easy for your mail to get lost. If you want your mail to be read, then don’t send it too often. Only send it when you have something useful to say.

8. Use a name

Send it from a personal email address. It’s more likely to get opened. Plus it looks more human. The internet is a cold, faceless beast. Always aim to make it personable.

 9. Spam Check

Don’t peak too early. Run a spam check on all your emails before you hit send. This ensures it actually reaches peoples inbox and does’t simply take a hop skip and a jump into the spam bin.

 10. Keep Building Your List

Got a new client? Add them to the list. Met someone who seems interested in what you do? Add them to the list. Sent a proposal but haven’t heard anything back? Add them to the list. Make it easy to grow your list by adding sign up forms on your website. Always ask permission first.

 11. Ouch someone just unsubscribed.

Don’t let it get you down. Focus on creating even better content for the subscribers you do have. Never, ever remove the unsubscribe button from your email.

Think your content is shareable? Make it a cinch to forward on.

Viola! Apply our tips and let us know how you do. We have found email newsletters to be truly effective for both ourselves and our clients. Good luck with it. I’m rooting for you. 🙂




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