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Personalising your customer experience has become a key trend in marketing over the last two years with the expectation that it will continue to grow [...]

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It’s that time of year again. The time of year when budgets are divvied out, decisions made and strategies put into place. If you are [...]

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Did black Friday take you by surprise last year? It seems like every retailer in the country adopted the American sale day tradition this year. [...]

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Are my Clients really on Facebook? Isn’t that just for kids?

Are my Clients really on Facebook? Isn’t that just for kids?

This is something we get asked quite allot. To be honest, most kids aren’t even using Facebook anymore. Only 11% of the people using Facebook are under 17 years old. All the kids have moved on – to Instagram and Snapchat! In Ireland, for example, the majority of  users (29%) are actually aged between 25 […]

Credit Card Services – SumUp

Credit Card Services – SumUp

Increasingly one of the biggest challenges of small businesses can be getting paid promptly for the products and services that they supply. Being able to take credit card payments can be a way to facilitate faster payment. However for really small businesses the terms and costs of most credit card services can be prohibitive. For […]

Don’t Forget Joint Ventures as an Effective Way to Grow Your Business

Don’t Forget Joint Ventures as an Effective Way to Grow Your Business

When looking for new clients and customers most business owners naturally think about advertising campaigns or some form of paid marketing campaign. Whilst of course you should be doing this you should not neglect good old fashioned Joint Venturing. A joint venture is when you partner with a non competing business who already has the […]

Go Out And Find Your Ideal Customers & Engage Them

A few months back whilst shopping in the Liffey Valley shopping centre I saw a good example of self liquidating lead generation. This is where you promote your business but at the same time earn enough revenue to cover the cost of the promotion. Pirates Cove is a family entertainment centre based in wexford, in […]

How to Easily and Automatically follow-up with Prospects and Keep in Touch with Your Customers…

Phew! After over 8 months development I’m delighted to be able to announce that our new Marketing Automation Software is now live. Designed with small business owners in mind it allows you to you to integrate online and offline marketing and setup multi step campaigns across 4 different media – Email, Postcard, Letter and SMS. […]

Ideas and Plans won’t pay the bills. 4 traps to avoid.

Ideas and Plans won’t pay the bills. 4 traps to avoid. So you’ve come back refreshed after the Christmas break with lots of good ideas and plans for your business in 2010. This can often be the case, time away from the daily tasks and interruptions of running a business can be when a lot […]

Starting Your Own Business in Ireland? Test Small First

A recent post on was from a PAYE worker looking at starting a business. His post starts by saying “I am considering starting a small business. I have a business idea and i have spotted a premises that would suit.” When I read or hear something like this then alarm bells start to ring. […]

Don’t make it hard for your customers to do business with you.

I need to get my car serviced so remembering a flyer I received from a garage in Maynooth I decided to give them a call to book my car in. The phone was answered after a number of rings by a guy called Gary. I asked him for details of their service. ‘Sorry’ he replied […]

Are you sabotaging your own business growth?

I was recently speaking to a friend of mine who owns his own ground care business. He is very busy at this time of year with grass and hedge cutting contracts. We were discussing ways that he could grow and develop his business and we identified a number of areas where he could get a […]

A handy tip if you are trading with companies within europe

If you need to check whether a VAT number that has been provided to you is genuine then you can very quickly chek it using this Free handy online tool:

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