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Case Studies

Shopping Centre Increase Facebook Likes by Over 75% and Increase Interaction With Two Different Sections of Their Target Market.

The Manor Mills Shopping Centre in Maynooth comprises of over 30 different shops ranging from Dunnes Stores to independently owned boutiques. Located in the University town of Maynooth, the shopping centre wanted to reach the significant student population of the town but were not sure how to go about it. They also wanted to expand their reach to parents in the area with a back to school promotion.

To target students:

We came up with the idea of a student discount card featuring the retailers in the centre. We created the cards and had them printed. Once printed we meet with the college and agreed that these discount cards would be bundled together and sold on campus with their own discount cards.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 16.41.22

To increase engagement with students on Facebook, we ran a student only competition for a laptop, this hugely increase the amount of students who liked the page and we also gained 860 entries and more importantly, a database of 860 student’s email addresses. We also developed a relationship with the Students Union of the college who keep us updated on what events they are holding.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 16.38.00

To target parents:

For the back to school campaign, we created a direct mail booklet featuring back to school vouchers from the different retailers in the centre. This was delivered to over 20,000 homes in the area. We also ran four Facebook competitions aimed at parents with offers specifically for back to school items.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 16.35.28

Through these competitions we grew the centres email database from 736 to 2059 and we now contact them periodically with special offers and centre news. We also increased their page likes from 3039 to 5347.

We are currently working on implementing the centres Christmas marketing campaign.

Bar Owner Generates Response Rate of 16% From SMS Campaign

Dave, a bar owner approached us looking for a way to keep in touch with his past customers and to let them know about special events happening at his bar.

We devised a customer retention campaign for him where we created a system for capturing his customer’s mobile phone numbers. Now whenever there is any kind of event or special promotion Dave just lets us know and we send out a Sms message to all of his past customers.

Feedback from Dave and his customers has been very positive. Customers like the non intrusive way they can find out about events and Dave has an extremely cost effective way of filling his bar with paying customers. In fact one of the recent SMS broadcasts we did for him yielded an amazing 16% response rate!

Cleaning Products Supplier Sees Turnover Increase By 24% After 8 Months

A cleaning products supplier came to us looking for a way to keep his existing customers up to date with his ever expanding product range to encourage then to try out other products.

We devised an electronic email newsletter that goes out monthly to all his customers. In addition we created a hard copy newsletter that goes out every other month. Both of these newsletters include tips and case studies of new products available and how to use them.

In the first 8 months of implementing these customer retention systems turnover has increased by just under 24%. In addition to introducing new products to his customers he has enjoyed increased sales of his existing product range.

I guess you could say that with our Autopilot Marketing system he is cleaning up!

Kichen Retailer Increases Conversion Rates of Enquiries to Customers

We worked with Joe the owner of a small kitchen design, manufacture and fitting company. He used to run what we call advertise and pray type campaigns.
He would take out adverts in newspapers and run radio adverts telling people about the existence of his business.

This advertising would convert a small % of people who would come to his showroom and look at his kitchens. Of these an even smaller % would be ready to buy a kitchen then and there and he would do business with them.
We showed Joe how extremely wasteful this was. What about all the people who came to his showroom, liked his kitchens, but for some reason or another were not ready to buy due to their own specific circumstances? After all, you need to remember your potential customer is busy. Very busy.

We showed Joe how to capture these prospects details, and we then wrote 12 mailing pieces which included testimonials, case studies and facts about what makes his kitchen company different, for Joe to keep in touch.

We then scheduled these articles to be sent once every month and took care of the fulfilment of this for him.

Now there’s a good chance the first few times Joes prospect receives his information it will go straight to the wastebasket. But after 5, 6, 7, 8 times they will start to notice.

And when they are ready to purchase a kitchen who do you think is going to be their first point of contact?

The person they have never heard of in the Golden pages or local newspaper, or Joe who has been keeping in touch with them for months?

It goes without saying, doesn’t it?

Startup Alternative Health Practitioner Off To Flying Start After Months

One of our clients, Sue, wanted to start an alternative health business but wasn’t sure how to go about finding leads and converting them into paying customers…

We created a Search Engine pay per click campaign driving traffic to a specially created web page that we set up for her. This page offered a Free Booklet on Stress Management that prospects could download in exchange for submitting their contact details.

We wrote a series of follow up emails offering further information and offering complementary session, these emails were then sent out to each prospect every week for 2 months.

In addition we created a sequence of 12 postcards that we automatically send out on Sues behalf to every prospect on her list each month.

These methods alone have given Sue a thriving business in less than 6 months. She is free to concentrate on what she does best, providing alternative health therapies, while we keep her Marketing running like clockwork giving her a steady supply of new business.

In fact Sue is so happy with what we have done for her in lead generation and conversion that we are currently setting up a customer retention system for her. This will include us creating and mailing a newsletter to each of her clients every month.

Driveway Company Increases Appointment Rate By 700%

A client of ours operates a driveway installation business. The 3 owners of this business are “rough and ready” trades people with little finesse for the finer points of dealing with the public. As part of their marketing blueprint we determined that the owners needed:

1. An effective telephone answering script that got more appointments
2. An effective quoting and follow-up process to get more deals.
3. A strategy to increase their prices and thereby their profit
These needs were identified through completion of our discovery phase marketing audit.

Essentially these guys were getting about 10 enquiries per day but only converting 1 in 10 to an appointment. Of the 1 in 10 appointments, they were getting 1 in 3 to buy. The average sale was £3000.

Summary before our involvement
60 calls/week = 6 appointments (1 in 10) = 2 sales (1 in 3) = £6,000 in sales.

We structured a special telephone script that increased the appointment rate from 1 in 10 to 7 in 10! That’s a 700% increase in appointments.

Before the phone script the business was just handing out quotes over the phone with no strategy what-so-ever. After the telephone script, this business was taking an unusual interest in the customers needs which has led to a massive increase in appointments.

From there, these owners then used a specially crafted quoting document that detailed all the finer points about the work they would do for the client. In the past they would simply have scribbled a quote on a piece of paper and “left it with them”.

Today they tender a professional quote and use a simple but very professional follow-up phone script. This has resulted in one 1 sale being achieved from every 2 appointments as opposed to 1 sale from every 3 appointments.

Finally, they were able to put their prices up by 10% because they were now perceived as the leaders in driveways. So instead of an average sale of £3000 their average is now up to £3300.

Software Company

Lets say you own a software company. You know the type, one that produces specific software for a certain industry. Lets say your software company sells this software for €5,000. In addition you hold seminars informing people on the benefits of your software. On average you spend €1,500 a month sending letters out looking for potential customers. Each time you hold a seminar you get 12 attendees. Is that good? Is that bad? Well, it depends…
But, consider this: What if you could take the same letter that costs €1,500 and just by changing what it says, and how it says it- now instead of getting 12 attendees, you generate 90.

As the owner of that company would you be excited about that? 90 attendees instead of 12? In other words an increase of 750%.

Well let me tell you this happened in real life. The software company I’ve been using as an example is a real company from Galway . When our consultant used our systems and know how and changed the letter; we leveraged the €1,500 they were spending into 90 eager customers it translated into a 750% sales increase in less than 60 days.