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Why Most Businesses Treat You Like a One Night Stand When Really They are Looking for Love

kioskgirlImagine that you are young free and single and heading out for the night. You are in great form thinking about the possibilities that lie ahead. Perhaps tonight is the night that you will meet that someone special.

You arrive in the bar where you are meeting your friends and while you are waiting you get chatting to the person of your dreams.

They are funny, interesting and interested in you.

Everything is going well. You get the butterflies in your stomach. This could be the one.

You talk about meeting again and scribble your number onto a piece of paper.

You go home with a massive smile on your face.

You never hear from them again.

You feel cross, sad, cheated. About what could have been.

How great the future could have been.

It is the same in your business.

Customers summon up the courage to try out your product or service. They go to the trouble of finding out where your business is located and make their way to it.

They are excited, hoping that what you have to offer will meet their needs.

They come in to your shop, you greet them, they tell you what they are looking for and you give it to them.

They like it and are very happy about it.

You take down their number in your desk diary and promise to call them when you get some new stock that you know they will love.

Then they leave.

And they never hear from you again.

You got too busy and never bothered to contact them again.

How do you think they feel?

Unwanted, unloved, unappreciated.

So next time they need what you have to offer there is a good chance they’ll take their business elsewhere.

There is a better way.

What if when they came in you asked them to key their number into a touch screen while waiting to pay.

Then you could send them a text saying how great it was they came and offer them something if they come back.

How do you think they’d feel then?



Wanting to come back to your business again.

It is a sad fact that 68% of customers that leave your business do so because of poor attitude or indifference on the part of the service provider.

You can change that with Better Business Results and CityGro.

We install a loyalty kiosk into your business. Making it easy for your customers to give you their contact details.

We then take care of following up with them and rewarding them for coming back.

The results. Happy Loyal customers who know you care.

Increased profit and that calm feeling that you are in control.

Get the full details here in this free guide.

Or contact us to arrange a free discussion and demo.

Bring the love back to your customers.

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