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5 Things You Should Include in Your New Website

Improving Search Engine Ranking Are you toying with the idea of a punchy new website? Most of us instinctively know what a good site looks like.

This article isn’t going to harp on about aesthetics – as important as they are.

Nope, we’re going to hack right down to the bedrock. Here are the 5 concrete things your website needs.

Lets get the foundations good and solid.


Your website has to be as flexible as a gymnast. A responsive website is one that can be viewed on all devices.

Many moons ago we simply had to make websites to fit PC screens. Nowadays websites move like agile cats between our smartphone, desktop and tablet. If your website isn’t showing up on their mobile phone your potential customer will just click on your competitor instead. So make a responsive website.


Did your Mother tell you to mind those p’s and q’s? Well online, it’s all about your FAQ’s. You don’t have to do this on one specific page. Build your FAQ’s into your sales pages.

We can’t touch or smell or taste things across the internet so it’s important to answer any doubts your customers might have. Now is the time to answer any questions and address any fears. It will help you sell more. Speaking of fears…


Credit card fraud is rampant. If you sell directly from your website, it’s important you treat your customers private information like gold dust. Make sure your website is 100% secure and display the security symbols in a prominent place. It will help you sell more but more importantly you can rest assured that your customers details are safe.

Space To Blog

As content marketing guru Markus Sheridan says, think of your blog as a learning centre. Heck you can even call it a leaning centre if you like – Blog isn’t a very clear word.

Your website needs a blog for two booming great reasons. Number 1, it’s a simple way to update your website. And you should be updating your website every week.

Number two, it’s a great way to get more traffic. You can sew together keyword rich, interesting posts that will enrich your SEO. Plus as an added bonus you can pop these posts onto your social media pages.

Contact information

It may well be the age of the internet but most people still feel much cosier knowing that you have a real physical location. It makes everyone more comfortable to know that there IS a phone number they can dial to make sure you are real or if they encounter a problem.

So add a map, an address and most defiantly add a phone number. Put the phone number in your website header and make sure it’s clickable.

There you have it! Five things to make sure you have in your current or new website.

Good Luck!

If you’re in the market for a new website why not give us a call on 01 4880985. We would love to talk it though with you.

One Response to 5 Things You Should Include in Your New Website

  1. Vanessa says:

    excellent as always. definitely need to add a FAQ page, would (hopefully) save me hours in answering simple emails and more importantly make for lots of happy informed customers! Thanks guys

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