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5 Super Easy SEO tips for Beginners

 SEO designLooking for some easy SEO tips you can actually apply to your website? We have rounded up 5 really simple tips you can do yourself to get your website up the food chain on Google.

Note: this is not a comprehensive SEO guide. If these tips are too easy for you or you are hungry for more, then we recommend you check out this meaty guide to SEO (all ten chapters).

Hands Up Who Actually Knows What SEO is?

(skip along to the tips if you are already familiar)

Let’s keep this simple. The internet is full of gazillions of websites/webpages/images/videos. Have you ever thought about how it’s all organised?

How do we separate the really awful stuff from the really useful stuff?

Well the answer is.. Maths. An algorithm to be precise. Google uses a top secret formula to make sure it’s showing you the best result for what you are searching.

If you want your website to climb up to page one of Google you need to follow the formula. The trouble is, the formula is top secret. So it’s up to SEO experts to use testing to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Sound complicated? Yep.

But don’t fret, here are some of the things that have been tested – and work.

Pick Your Keywords

Your site should be as specific as possible.

Figure out the one thing your business is about. Sum it up in a couple of words (like bathroom installer, painter decorator, Dublin architect). These are your main keywords.

Now mention these keywords that you want to be found for in your:

  • Site Title
  • Domain Name
  • Description
  • Tagline
  • Blog Categories
  • Page Content
  • Page titles
  • Images Titles

This will help Google to know what your site is about and help you to be found for the terms that matter to your business.

 2. Load Times

Make sure your page loads quickly. Get rid of anything that’s going to slow down your load time like, huge images or music players.

3. Keep your website updated

It’s really important that your website stays updated. Once every two weeks is the minimum you should be updating it. Add things like photo’s of previous work, client testimonials and blog posts (another chance to add your keywords).

 4. Link

Having other websites (good websites) link to your website is fantastic for SEO. It shows Google that other people think your website is valuable and interesting.

Generally, the more clout the website that’s linking to you has the better it is for your ranking. So, a link from say, a college or a government body sends a massive signal to Google that you’re to be trusted.

 How do you get these links?

There are several ways for example: You can ask to feature on someones website (for example you can be a guest writer), you can leave a comment under a popular blog related to your business, you can add links to your website to your social media channels.

Links work the other way too. Adding a link on your page pointing to an authority site can also add to your SEO efforts.

Word of warning: Do not, under any circumstances get spammy with your links. Find out why here.

5. Permalinks

Permalinks are these things:

What you don’t want are permalinks that look like this

Make sure your permalinks contain your keywords. It’s good for SEO.

Try some of these out and see how they affect your SEO. Good luck!

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