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3 Essential Google Adwords / PPC Tips for Beginners


There is no doubt about it, Google Adwords / PPC can be a difficult platform to get your head around. 

On the surface, it all looks rather straightforward: Sign up, write an ad, pop in your website link, set your bids to auto, hook up your credit card and go.

The thing is, you can do that, but all you are doing is lining Googles pockets and not your own.

It pays to know a few key things before you start. Google have a hundreds of pages of training material to help you. But it’s long, and time consuming. I know because I have read it. If you are time pressed then here are three key things to know.

1. Plan Your Keywords 

Google provide a tool to help you determine what keywords to choose and what kind a budget you will need. The tool is called the keyword planner. You can access it here.

The tool will give you an estimate of the traffic you can expect from a particular keyword or group of keywords. It’s also a useful way to get suggestions as to what keywords could be good and what people are searching for.

The tool gives you the option of narrowing it down to specific locations too.

2. Bids

If you are just starting out the tendency is to set your bids automatically. But this option doesn’t give you much control.

If you opt for manual bidding you can control how much you are spending at keyword level. Log into your Adwords account and click on your ‘keywords’ tab. Then take a look at your Average CPC. Adjust your Max CPC to be in-line or a tiny bit lower (say 1c lower) than your average CPC. This will gradually bring your cost per click down. Just make sure your ranking doesn’t drop down. It’s a bit of a balancing act.

3. Consistency

If there is one word that sums up Google Adwords I think it would be consistency. From your keyword to your webpage, providing the most consistent experience for your user is really important.

A consistent search experience goes something like this:

Buyer searches on Google for hotel deals Dublin city centre.

Your Ad comes up and reads: Hotel deals Dublin. City Centre location. 27% off.

They click your ad and it takes them to a webpage that has information about the Dublin city centre hotel  plus information about the special offer.

Note how at each stage of the search experience, they saw a consistent message that related to what they searched for.

A bad buyer experience goes something like this:

Buyer Searches on Google for Hotel deals Dublin City Centre

Your Ad comes up and reads: Hotel deals Dublin. City Centre location. 27% off.

They click your ad and it takes them to a homepage with various hotels deals for Cork, Dublin and Belfast on it and none offering a 27% discount.

In this case the Ad text was not related to what the searcher clicked on.

Always keep in mind the webpage you are taking your customers to. It needs to be consistent with what you are offering in your ad. Otherwise, your buyer will bounce away and your quality score will suffer.

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