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Did You Know That 91% Of Consumers Now Look Online Before Making a Purchasing Decision?

5 or 10 years ago it was enough just to have an advert in the Golden Pages, run the occasional newspaper advert and deliver some leaflets to let people know about your business. Nowadays things have moved on, consumers are a lot more savvy, and with the Internet at our fingertips whether people choose to do business with you or your competition is often down to how you are perceived online.

If you aren’t making the right impression by being there when they search, offering the answers to their questions or engaging with them on social media then the harsh reality is that they won’t be doing business with you.

So if you are feeling that business is drying up and the old sales methods just aren’t working as they used to perhaps it is time to take a long hard look at digital marketing. It is time to be brutally honest and ask yourself whether you have a solid online presence or have merely been paying lip service to new media, secretly hoping it is a passing fad.

We know how you feel. You want sales to start flowing again, leads to come knocking on your door, and people to respect you as a savvy business person in the 21st Century. The trouble is you just don’t know how to make it happen. Where do you start? Do you take on a young college kid and hope he knows what he is doing or do you sign up for a course to try and learn this new media stuff yourself?

We’d like to offer you an alternative. Better Business Results has been helping business owners make more money from effective marketing strategies since 2005. Our founder started selling online in 1999 and our team have been constantly learning and implementing online marketing ever since.

Our clients range from small businesses right up to global companies, all of whom trust us to act as their marketing department and continually roll out new marketing campaigns and strategies on their behalf.

We have built a solid knowledge across most facets of Social media, web design, online video and ecommerce and we’d like to put that knowledge to work for your business.

The Majority of our clients choose to have us act as their outsourced marketing director or marketing department whilst others come to us for a la carte marketing services. We can customize a plan to suit your needs.

Whatever your goals it all starts with a conversation. Lets have a chat and see what it is you are trying to do. If we are a good fit then we can have a solid foundation up and running for you in 30 days. Contact us through the form here or call us on 01 4880985 today.

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